30 May 2010

Neetika Chavan's journey to Eternal Bliss !

Jeet Chavan Aka KKrish from Birth to 1yr old

Jeet N Chavan Doing Foot Tapping on the beat of Music

Jeet Chavan Foot tapping on the Music at 2 yrs

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Ant wall fibriod

26 May 2010

Shrek 3D enjoyed by Jeet , Neet. Good movie. I missed it.... busy...with repairing My Dvd Drive and adding new softwares to the desktop ...of course, at the computer guys shop...

22 May 2010

Jeet & Neet went today to mausi's house.school uniforms for JNS from Apsara Villeparle And Neet had her share of textbooks ... waiting for June to come, still 3 weeks to go... for the D Day.. till then Dancing, Playing, Cycling, Badminton .....

15 May 2010

Hi guys, busy for last two weeks hence was out of sync with u all. JEET NEET deserted me for last two days,gone to grandpaa and Gmaa. Will see them on 16th . Hope they recognize me.In Mumbai, life is too fast...HAPPY AKSHAYA TREETHI TO U ALL...