23 May 2012

Just NOW got Ice cream sandwich Update Android 4.0.3 .....for my Samsung Galaxy NOTE.... ICS, it rocks.... Lucky few Indians....
@BreakingNewsUK: UK stuntman Gary Connery successfully dives 2,400ft without parachute in 'wing suit', video to follow - @itvnews http://itv.co/KBOiSQ
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I love this video from youtube.
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19 May 2012

Successful people are not those who always succeed ... But they are those who when they fail, stand up ONE MORE time ... gracefully with humility... :-)...!!

10 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 upgrade goes live http://ping.fm/PmkNs via Drippler

03 May 2012

@sardesairajdeep: Wonderful to see Marathi cinema picking up so many awards at natl film awards. Feels good. Watch Deool guys, great film
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