20 July 2015

A Hit and Run Story in Central Mumbai on 20/07/2015

A true but sad story unfolded yesterday 20/07/2015 . It was a sad day for me . As I happened to reach sion hospital In the morning and was standing on the road  divider , waiting to cross the road , I heard a loud thud and passerby shouting at a truck coming in my direction . I saw 100 feet away an old man lying on the road ,  in pool of blood mowed down with blood coming from his right leg and splashes of blood on his face . He was wearing a crisp white shirt and white trouser , struggling to get up . In the mean time the lorry driver accelerated his speed . At the spur of the moment for 2 seconds , I focussed my eyes on the number plate on the back of the lorry as it passed Infront of me  . It was covered with dirt and I could see a blurred number probably starting from MH- 04 93--. I noted it down in my mind , before it took a left turn from the signal and disappeared . It appeared that the victim was a taxi driver in white uniform around 60 years. His fellow colleagues came to help him Immediately. In the mean time I went running to the Sion hospital traffic police beat and met the officer In charge , and gave him the probable description of the yellow dirty coloured lorry with probable number of the car being MH 04 93--. He directed his junior officer rider to visit the site of accident  and messaged to other traffic police officers on wireless Walkie Talkie to chase or stop the lorry at the next signal. I felt good in my heart and soul that I did help a person and hoped that the lorry and the driver will be caught sooner or latter . I became engrossed in my daily work thereafter . In the evening I narrated this episode to my unit members while going home and requested  my student and registrar Dr hanumantha to inquire in our EMS about the condition of Taxi Driver . I had the inkling ,  that he would be brought to SION Hospital EMS. Mr. Badrinarayan Yadav , aged 60 years breathed his last moments and died at 6: 00 pm  due to fracture of the right lower limb with Head Injury . He was brought in a semiconscious state  to the EMS by the traffic police officer and fellow taxi drivers . However,  the muddy lorry with registration number MH- 04 EL 9394 and a drunk driver was caught by the police a few signals ahead before he could have mowed down many other unfortunate bystanders or road side walkers . A son and daughter lost a loving father , a wife lost her husband,  a sister lost her brother . The only bread earner of this family is no more because of carelessness of a drunk man .  Its never going to be the same for this family or for me .   Badrinarayan has left this world and gone away far , never to return back to drive his taxi again . He is dead . I hope ,  the drunk driver is punished for his crime .  I felt good , at least I had that presence of mind  , and I could recollect and pass on the lorry number to the nearby beat traffic police . Hit and run cases occur everyday but  Social responsibility is a necessity nowadays . I truly thank from the bottom of my heart , Mumbai Traffic police for there immediate action and efforts taken to apprehend the culprit. Be an Alert Mumbaikar . May Badrinarayan Yadav soul RIP.