31 August 2012

Fogsi Oncology Committee: September is Ovarian Cancer Screening month......I request my dear Gynaec. Friends in FOGSI to dedicate their valuable time on prevention of CA Ovary apart from there routine n specialised obgyn practise whole of September .Please contact me for ONE STOP WOMEN CANCER CLINIC know how/ posters/ pamphlets etc

28 August 2012

"Sorry" Works When A Mistake Is Made,But Not When Trust Is Broken. So In Life,Make Mistakes But Never Break Trust
Good Afternoon...!!

27 August 2012


26 August 2012

You should check it out. It’s the #1 mobile Twitter app. http://ping.fm/f5AWv

19 August 2012

Not all SILENCE is cowardice just like not all WORDS, are courage.Good morning..... :-)...!!

18 August 2012

EID Mubarak...to my dear Friends..... :-)....!!
Nearing 1000 friends on FB....bit choosy.....presently 997....feeling elated...!! Thanks to all of you to be a part of me on this beautiful journey of friends since 2009...

17 August 2012

FOGSI Oncology Committee : Chemo Resistance in Ovarian Cancer Has Genetic Basis: Researchers have found that tumors with multiple cancer ge... http://bit.ly/PBl64q
@OvarianCancer_: Nanoparticles Shrink Ovarian Cancer Tumors In Mice: By sequencing cancer-cell genomes, researchers have found a ... http://bit.ly/PBl7VZ

14 August 2012

Wish you all a Very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY...!! MERA BHARAT MAHAAN...proud to be an Indian.... :-)....!!

12 August 2012

@sachin_rt: I am absolutely delighted for Yogeshwar. To win 3 bouts in 50 mins is incredible. We all r really proud of you.

11 August 2012

Congratulations to Alakh Niranjan Yogeshwar for winning the bronze medal in London 2012 in wrestling.... :-)....!!

07 August 2012

@rameshsrivats: The rich get favours. The poor get sops. The rest of us get rules and laws.
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06 August 2012

@sardesairajdeep: Marykom in the Olympic sunshine, Manipur still in darkness. Gnight.
Mars truimph ...@NASAGoddard: Our @HiRISE camera captured @MarsCuriosity and its supersonic parachute: http://1.usa.gov/OYQeuu
David Guetta Titanium superb party music http://ping.fm/LGgoU

05 August 2012

Being visible isnt always a requirement 4 being close. It just takes sum thoughts & memories, to feel d presence of sum 1 as nice as u..!!
H@PpY fRn$h!p d@Y...

04 August 2012

Many congratulations to Saina Nehwal for winning a bronze in London Olympics! India is proud of her.

03 August 2012

@sardesairajdeep: India land of great shooters. Some with the gun, others with their mouth! Gnight.
If Saina wins tomorrow against Wang...then will dedicate my dinner to Veg.Manchurian, fried rice with schezewan sauce..!!
Olympics: Vijay Kumar wins Silver in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Congratulations....!!
"Sometimes We
Maintain Silence to Protect One
Beautiful Relation..

But too Much Silence Creates a
Distance In Every Beautiful

02 August 2012

@rameshsrivats: Olympics are fun man. They should happen every year. Like IPL.
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