27 September 2012

The happines of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts,
But,the quality of your thoughts depends on the people u hve in your life."
Good afternoon ...!!

16 September 2012

Bharat band on 20th Sept.2nd day of ganpati visarjan, what's to be done?.

15 September 2012

'Honesty' is nt the spare wheel that u pul out when in trouble.It's a steering wheel that keeps U on the right path through out the life's journey

09 September 2012

Habit of SMILING can make our life happy.
It costs nothing.
We lose nothing but the ppl who get it, Gets everything
So always SMILE
Good morning... :-)....!!

08 September 2012

@RajivMakhni: Damn. I'm trending all over India for a wrong tweet Morgan is DEAD :( RT @TrendsmapIndia: @rajivmakhni is now trending in India http://trendsmap.com/in
Freeman is not DEAD
@RajivMakhni: Sad to hear about Morgan Freeman passing away. The voice of God is no more!

07 September 2012

Good Morning !!!
We cannot escape from the effect of our acts.

Dr. Sarvapalli . Radhakrishnan.