21 December 2012

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13 December 2012


12 December 2012


Delivery at 12.12pm on12.12.12 in Ward No. 12 at Sion hospital, Mumbai

Watch "Dr. Niranjan Chavan (17)" on YouTube

07 December 2012

GOOD MORNING: Mistakes, Failures & Rejections
are part of progress & growth.
Nobody, ever achieved anything worth without facing these
three things.
listening to jump by Rihanna

18 November 2012

Ek Yug sampale......

25 October 2012

Nice lines......
"Solve the problem
Leave the problem.


Do not live
with the problem."
Good Afternoon

22 October 2012

Galaxy NOTE 2

using S pen gestures,easy clip,air view, S memo,S suggests and paper artist... amazing.. superb out of the world experience for smart phone. ... GALAXY NOTE 2

11 October 2012

BIMIE Module 2 on 13th October 2012

LTMMC & Sion hospital, Dept.  of Obgyn. Organises " MPower  Basic Infertility Management " 6 mth module 2,  on 13th Oct.2012, Gynaec. Seminar Hall ,11.30 am Topic: Female infertility, Male infertility & Endocrinology foll.by Lunch .

LTMMC & Sion hospital, Dept. of Obgyn. Organises " MPower Basic Infertility Management " 6 mth module 2, on 13th Oct.2012, Gynaec. Seminar Hall ,11.30 am Topic: Female infertility, Male infertility & Endocrinology foll.by Lunch.

27 September 2012

The happines of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts,
But,the quality of your thoughts depends on the people u hve in your life."
Good afternoon ...!!

16 September 2012

Bharat band on 20th Sept.2nd day of ganpati visarjan, what's to be done?.

15 September 2012

'Honesty' is nt the spare wheel that u pul out when in trouble.It's a steering wheel that keeps U on the right path through out the life's journey

09 September 2012

Habit of SMILING can make our life happy.
It costs nothing.
We lose nothing but the ppl who get it, Gets everything
So always SMILE
Good morning... :-)....!!

08 September 2012

@RajivMakhni: Damn. I'm trending all over India for a wrong tweet Morgan is DEAD :( RT @TrendsmapIndia: @rajivmakhni is now trending in India http://trendsmap.com/in
Freeman is not DEAD
@RajivMakhni: Sad to hear about Morgan Freeman passing away. The voice of God is no more!

07 September 2012

Good Morning !!!
We cannot escape from the effect of our acts.

Dr. Sarvapalli . Radhakrishnan.

31 August 2012

Fogsi Oncology Committee: September is Ovarian Cancer Screening month......I request my dear Gynaec. Friends in FOGSI to dedicate their valuable time on prevention of CA Ovary apart from there routine n specialised obgyn practise whole of September .Please contact me for ONE STOP WOMEN CANCER CLINIC know how/ posters/ pamphlets etc

28 August 2012

"Sorry" Works When A Mistake Is Made,But Not When Trust Is Broken. So In Life,Make Mistakes But Never Break Trust
Good Afternoon...!!

26 August 2012

You should check it out. It’s the #1 mobile Twitter app. http://ping.fm/f5AWv

19 August 2012

Not all SILENCE is cowardice just like not all WORDS, are courage.Good morning..... :-)...!!

18 August 2012

EID Mubarak...to my dear Friends..... :-)....!!
Nearing 1000 friends on FB....bit choosy.....presently 997....feeling elated...!! Thanks to all of you to be a part of me on this beautiful journey of friends since 2009...

17 August 2012

FOGSI Oncology Committee : Chemo Resistance in Ovarian Cancer Has Genetic Basis: Researchers have found that tumors with multiple cancer ge... http://bit.ly/PBl64q
@OvarianCancer_: Nanoparticles Shrink Ovarian Cancer Tumors In Mice: By sequencing cancer-cell genomes, researchers have found a ... http://bit.ly/PBl7VZ

14 August 2012

Wish you all a Very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY...!! MERA BHARAT MAHAAN...proud to be an Indian.... :-)....!!

12 August 2012

@sachin_rt: I am absolutely delighted for Yogeshwar. To win 3 bouts in 50 mins is incredible. We all r really proud of you.

11 August 2012

Congratulations to Alakh Niranjan Yogeshwar for winning the bronze medal in London 2012 in wrestling.... :-)....!!

07 August 2012

@rameshsrivats: The rich get favours. The poor get sops. The rest of us get rules and laws.
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06 August 2012

@sardesairajdeep: Marykom in the Olympic sunshine, Manipur still in darkness. Gnight.
Mars truimph ...@NASAGoddard: Our @HiRISE camera captured @MarsCuriosity and its supersonic parachute: http://1.usa.gov/OYQeuu
David Guetta Titanium superb party music http://ping.fm/LGgoU

05 August 2012

Being visible isnt always a requirement 4 being close. It just takes sum thoughts & memories, to feel d presence of sum 1 as nice as u..!!
H@PpY fRn$h!p d@Y...

04 August 2012

Many congratulations to Saina Nehwal for winning a bronze in London Olympics! India is proud of her.

03 August 2012

@sardesairajdeep: India land of great shooters. Some with the gun, others with their mouth! Gnight.
If Saina wins tomorrow against Wang...then will dedicate my dinner to Veg.Manchurian, fried rice with schezewan sauce..!!
Olympics: Vijay Kumar wins Silver in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Congratulations....!!
"Sometimes We
Maintain Silence to Protect One
Beautiful Relation..

But too Much Silence Creates a
Distance In Every Beautiful

02 August 2012

@rameshsrivats: Olympics are fun man. They should happen every year. Like IPL.
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30 July 2012

@milindkhandekar: Dear Citizen, Today is last day to pay your tax.Please pay tax to continue uninterrupted power suppy to New Delhi. Ignore if u hv paid tax
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The hockey referee should have given INDIA a penalty corner against Holland, but he rejected it even though we deserved it....in pool B match today London 2012....bad decision.....!!
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I highly recommend you to install it.


29 July 2012

@Sports_NDTV: London2012: The latest Google Doodle is on the fencing competition at the Olympics. Read here http://ndtv.in/Oz2fEW
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@sardesairajdeep: Came back from Jantar Mantar feeling depressed. Then, heard Saina has won, spirits lifted! Yeh dil maange gold! Gnight.
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!! Good Morning !!!
If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.
Sir Winston Churchill.

27 July 2012

Only people who r below ur standard coments on u
N people who r above u just smiles at ur mistake
So next time if sum1 coments on u, just give them a smile.:-)
Watching London Olympics opening ceremony till 4 am was worth it...once in 4 years...beautiful choreography.
Watching London Olympics opening ceremony till 4 am was worth it...once in 4 years...beautiful choreography.
Michael Phelps is all set for a world record in his last Olympics - London Olympics 2012 News

@ndtvfeed: Will be cheering for all Indian athletes at Olympics: Sachin Tendulkar to NDTV http://goo.gl/fb/ph3Iy (video)
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FORGIVENESS is an example of great Revenge, TOLERANCE is an example of great Power & UR POLITENESS is an example of great Heart .
Have A Great Day.

26 July 2012

@NASA: Nighttime view of London2012 and much of western Europe from space, courtesy our Suomi NPP satellite. http://ping.fm/W4DhV
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@SrBachchan: T 817 -'If you damage the character of another, you damage your own. -African Proverb
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@SrBachchan: T 817 -'If you damage the character of another, you damage your own. -African Proverb
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A Beautiful Sentence By GURU NANAK:
TUM Sone Se Pehle Sab ko Maaf Kar Diya karo.
TUMHARE Jaagne Se Pehle Main Tumhe MAAF kar Dunga.. "SATNAM WAHEGURU

24 July 2012

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23 July 2012

B'coz there r Many Situations where our Knowledge May Fail bt our Behaviour can Handle that Very well..
gud Afternoon.... :-)....!!

20 July 2012

Circumstances can change at any time..
Donot devalue or hurt any1 in this life...
You may be POWERFULL 2day but TIME is more powerful than U.. .. :-)....!!
| == |
| OM |
|_|______ |____

"sawan ke mahine me aapki har manokaamna puri ho"

19 July 2012

@Niru22: 4th batch of Post Graduate Certificate Course, MUHS recognised "Basic Infertility Management including Endoscopy"(6months) starting from A
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@justinbieber: there is always someone who is going to say something...make up something. try to bring u down. kill 'em with kindness.
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If u Need Knowledge.
Keep Adding Something to UR Mind Everyday.
If U Need Wisdom,
Keep Deleting Something from UR Mind Everyday ..
Good Morning ..... :-)....!!

18 July 2012

Cing the programme daag song...@sardesairajdeep: 8 pm and 10.30 pm on CNN IBN: the original superstar: the best of music of Rajesh, RD and Kishore.
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The Real Superstar no.more....we grew up seeing his films on DOORDARSHAN ON Sundays n theatres like amar prem,bawarchi,kati patang, dushman, hathi mere sathi,namak haram, anand, aradhana(sapno ki rani) red rose. kishore kumar, rafi saab...mukesh...were the play back singers...may his soul RIP....
@Niru22: Grew up on his movies , most handsome guy, chochalate Hero, adorable in 70s ...RIP...Rajesh we all luv you....
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17 July 2012

@GYNCancer: Foundation for Women's Cancer Announces the 2012-2013 Research Grants and Awards constantcontact http://conta.cc/Ns5fPn
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@NASA: 'Breaking' news: A big chunk of Greenland's Petermann Glacier has broken lose; image from our Aqua satellite. http://ping.fm/bnkrc
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@sardesairajdeep: You know you're getting old when a college mate suddenly passes away. life too short folks, live it well. Less rancour, more joy.
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A young man says:"Erasers are made 4 those who make mistakes!"
A wise man replied
"Erasers are made 4 those who are willing to correct their mistakes!" :)

16 July 2012

"When 'I' Is Replaced by 'WE'..

Even 'Illness' Turns Into 'Wellness'.."
Good Evening... :-)....!!

15 July 2012

'Honesty' is nt the spare wheel that u pul out when in trouble.It's a steering wheel that keeps U on the right path through out the life's journey

12 July 2012

RT @TheTweetOfGod: Well, tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and you know what that means: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
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@Mirchi983FM: Congratulations to the melodious @shreyaghoshal for completing a decade in Bollywood. RT to spread the joy! ADecadeOfShreyaGhoshal
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11 July 2012

4th batch of Post Graduate Certificate Course, MUHS recognised "Basic Infertility Management including Endoscopy"(6months) starting from August 2012 . 6 seats only.application forms available from 11 th July to 23rd July 2012.Interviews on 24th July.eligibility: MD/DGO/DNB/FCPS. Call me or dept.0222-4076381 ext. 3152 for further info.Course coordinator: Dr.Niranjan Chavan

08 July 2012

@sachin_rt: I hope the Wimbledon final goes to the 5th set because we will see even better tennis the final set :-)
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04 July 2012

@ndtvvideos: 'God particle' found? - http://ndtv.in/N9I6on
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@ndtv: I think we have it: CERN chief on 'God Particle' http://ping.fm/LTwu5
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@OvarianCancer_: Novel antiangiogenic therapies in ovarian cancer: Women's Health , July 2012, Vol. 8, No. 4, Pages 447-453. (Sou... http://bit.ly/NkMY8s
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30 June 2012

Welcome 1 st JULY...Happy DOCTOR's Day....The REAL HERO's.....Satyamev Jayate....!!

29 June 2012

@MlNDBLOWING: People born in 1994-1999 have lived in three decades, two centuries, and two millenniums. And they are not even 18 yet. mindblowing
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26 June 2012


25 June 2012

॥ साई रहम नज़र करना ॥'s photo.

Samsung rules the world.......http://ping.fm/mrVXv

23 May 2012

Just NOW got Ice cream sandwich Update Android 4.0.3 .....for my Samsung Galaxy NOTE.... ICS, it rocks.... Lucky few Indians....
@BreakingNewsUK: UK stuntman Gary Connery successfully dives 2,400ft without parachute in 'wing suit', video to follow - @itvnews http://itv.co/KBOiSQ
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I love this video from youtube.
Powered by TubeMate

19 May 2012

Successful people are not those who always succeed ... But they are those who when they fail, stand up ONE MORE time ... gracefully with humility... :-)...!!

10 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 upgrade goes live http://ping.fm/PmkNs via Drippler

03 May 2012

@sardesairajdeep: Wonderful to see Marathi cinema picking up so many awards at natl film awards. Feels good. Watch Deool guys, great film
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09 April 2012

@timesofindia: IPL5: Mumbai Indians beat Deccan Chargers by 5 wickets http://toi.in/lpaIEa DC
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@CricketNDTV: Mumbai Indians beat Deccan Chargers by 5 wickets. Rohit Sharma remains unbeaten on 73. http://ndtv.in/Iixq4F IPL5 DCvsMI
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30 March 2012

Self driving car...c to believe....
Powered by TubeMate
Temple run.....http://tpt.to/a2pxW5Z
Google drive coming soon.....http://tpt.to/a2pznms

28 March 2012

When we are in ANGER, We are just one Letter short of DANGER. While in GOOD mood, We are one Letter more than GOD. Choice is ours.
100 Android Apps Recommended by the Android AppStorm Team http://ping.fm/StQKm via Drippler

22 March 2012

Angry Birds SPACE....downloaded...today....awesome....:-) ....http://tpt.to/a2nMgQF
Angry birds SPACE downloaded for kids n my timepass....

18 March 2012

Wassup Andheri TOI Art festival Lokhandwala 2012

Jeet n mama happy with creation of a house

16 March 2012

"Ninja Tune - Night Light (Miho Hatori)" can be found with Easy Mp3
God made ton on TON...100/100..:-)

15 March 2012


12 March 2012

happy Holi

Aaj Mubarak Kal Mubarak,
Holi ka har pal Mubarak,
Rang Birangi Holi mein,
Mera bhi ek Rang Mubarak
Wishing u & ur Family Colorful Holi.

03 March 2012

Using blogger widget....

25 February 2012

Galaxy Note is Hot in UK n USA....http://tpt.to/a2ljw97
Barcelona MWC , Samsung launches...galaxy Note tablet 10.1 n Beam.. http://tpt.to/a2lmblm
Samsung launches projector phone...BEAM........first in t world....http://tpt.to/a2lmPG5
Neetika drawing a heart for jeet

05 February 2012

A Remarkable Rare Recovery of a 9th Std school going girl staying in Mumbai, India......http://ping.fm/II7oT?feature=m-feedu&v=_Msy1Yj9zc8
C our video...Unusual Ovarian surgery with successful pregnancy out come.... A tribute to safe motherhood...http://ping.fm/O2E0r?feature=m-feedu&v=1kJ-5Galh2M

31 January 2012

My Interview on Star TV : Removal of Largest Ovarian Tumour of India in 14 years old Girl.

24 January 2012

Remembering my Mom ..she is there Cing me grow....miss her....

13 January 2012

Sion hospital doctors remove 2.8 kg tumour from 14-yr-old


Largest ovarian tumour removed from 14-year-old at Sion Hospital - Indian Express

Largest ovarian tumour removed from 14-year-old at Sion Hospital - Indian Express

A Rare case report in India : Ovarian Mucinous CystAdenoma (MCA) removed by us in Sion Hospital on 3rd January 2012. 19 cm in lenght extending from pubis symphysis to 1 finger below left costal margin flanks being full. 2.8 kg weight. confirmed on CT scan ..Patient is today fine sutures intact and healthy..