31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

24 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

A Very Happy Merry Christmas to all my dear friends. Have a great blast and a wonderful  last weekend of the year 2015 ...!! Let all your wishes come true ...!! 

22 December 2015


Respected teachers and my dear friends, Here we are 30 years later . 
I think it can be truly said that by now we’ve been there , done that and seen it all . What ? Probably Life . 

* Some of us have worked hard to achieve greatness in the fields we chose quite young.

* Many of us have turned our lives around not once but numerous times in 30 years. 

* We have had adventures we never dreamed of, and 

* Experiences that changed us forever. 

* We’ve loved and lost someone or something dear by now.

* We have lost last year Dr Manu Kothari sir , Emeritus Professor Anatomy Dept , a great philosopher , visionary & An out of the box thinker . 

* We also lost our dear batch mate Manisha kavitkar few years ago and Girish Mistry this year in a fatal accident . In memory of them , I request you all , to please stand up for one minute in silence and pray for the departed souls to rest In Peace . 

So this weekend we gather to exchange knowing smiles, pleasantries , share our stories if we must, hug each other, give a pat on the back and a high-five for surviving and thriving through the last three decades that changed the world utterly from the world we lived in at Seth G S Medical College . Ours is so called the Diamond Jubilee batch . Each of us Diamond, were shaped , carved , chiselled , polished & shined by these beloved teachers . It’s pay back time NOW . 
With this thought coming in my mind , what would be a better place to celebrate this Grand 30 th reunion as the clock struck 8 o clock when we used to come for early morning lectures at MLT and revisit our undergraduate days . 

That dream of coming back to the alma matter has got fulfilled today and what can I ask God then to choose this weekend to savour the delicious lip smacking punjabi samosa of our college canteen with batchmates and teachers , sit on the Katta and have a glass of cutting chai or Visit our library, dissection hall , iconic pathology museum or our departments and to be nostalgic of those times spend together …With books & secret clinics. 

Now , on behalf of class of 1985 batch I welcome our guest of honour Dr G B Parulkar sir , Dr Avinash Supe Sir and Dr Lopa Mehta to please come on the Dias . 
Flow of Program :

I request Dr Manisha Nadkarni to do the honours to give floral Bouquet to Dr Parulkar sir . 

I call upon Dr Mamta Muranjan professor , dept of Paed and head of unit to present a floral bouquet to Dr Supe sir . 

I request dr Aparna deshpande , professor and unit chief , dept . of surgery to present bouquet to dr Lopa mehta mam. 

Introduction of Dr G B Parulkar by Dr Niranjan Chavan followed by Dr GBP sir speech. 
Drs. Ashish Vaidya , Sarita Bhalerao , Sunay Pradhan , Anaita Hegde felicitated him with memento , sriphaal , shawl and T shirt after his speech. Applause 

 Intro of Dr Avinash Supe followed by his speech . Drs. Bimal Shah , Vinay Goel , Ketki Shah , Ketan Mehta, will felicitate him with memento, sriphaal , shawl & T shirt . Applaude 

Dr Lopa Mehta mam to speak few words followed by memento , sriphal , shawl & T shirt felicitation to her by Drs. Sharmistha, Vandana Agarwal, Manisha Shastri ,Tejashree Sarvogod , Pallavi Desai. 

Dr Natarajan intro followed by his speech . Felicitation by Dr Parag Patil and Dr Alka Rajani. Applause 

Vote of Thanks by 
Dr. Manisha Nadkarni & Dr. Ashish Vaidya  

This was followed by National Anthem.

05 December 2015

30 th Reunion of Seth GSMC, Class of 1985 , RETRO DJ NIGHT

Venue : Pool Area , Novotel Imagica , Khopoli on 19/12/2015 , 6:30 pm onwards till Midnight for a funfilled cocktail dinner , dance , masti and luxurious Cabanas.  
Dress Code : UR best Attire . 
Entry by invitation card only . 

30 th Reunion of Seth G S Medical College , Class of 1985

19/12/2015 7:30-9:00 hrs at MLT